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This is your life,

I help you create the life you dream about. 

This is the space where you ditch bland and overwhelmed living and step up to your extraordinary life. Ready to revolutionalize the relationship you have with yourself, your life, and your dreams? Let’s do this! 

The way you think changes your whole life.  

In 2020, I first heard the words that your thoughts create your life. I thought, if that is true, I want to know how.

Since then, I’ve created emotional, time, and financial freedom by being the queen of my brain. I quit my 9-5 to build a multiple 6 figure coaching business. All while being on maternity leave with my first baby. I have luxurious amounts of time to live my life fully during pivital years when most feel overwhelmed, insecure, and uncertain.

These achievements are a product of emotional wealth. Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

Hi, I am the emotional wealth coach ™ 


 "I am now living multiple dreams I had for myself for a long time."

- Brittany

of your dreams.

What is it like to be emotionally wealthy? 

  • You wake up energized and excited to create.
  • You have the skill of creating abundance in every aspect of your life.
  • You are lit up by the art you bring into life.
  • You dance around as the main character of your story.
  • You leisure in the magic and awe that you create.
  • You take on life’s challenges with resiliency and empowerment.

Say hello to your wealthiest life!

Be the artist

Imagine the opportunities you’d have, the experiences you create, the goals that you achieve, the wealth you bring in. This is the creation of emotional wealth.

I’ll help you live your fairytale life!

 Ready for a life of emotional wealth?

This is where your transformation starts

This private coaching program is for those who want to leave behind bland and live vibrantly. We will meet weekly to take a deep dive into creating emotional wealth. Are you ready to become a loving steward of your time and mental energy? This is emotional wealth in the making! 

Private 1-1 Coaching

The room where everything you touch turns to gold.

This is a 6-month group mastermind for high-achieving creators and entrepreneurs who want more time, financial, and emotional wealth in their lives and businesses. This room is designed for those who are building a movement and they want coaching to help them shine their light brighter and more radiant than ever. This is for you if you want everything you touch in your business and life, to turn to gold. This is the room for you! We start in August 2023 with a luxurious live retreat.

Beam Your Light Mastermind

Looking for a refreshing ray of sunshine? I’m your girl!

Trust me. I get it. I spent most of my life thinking, no one will take me seriously, while simultaneously having a dream of changing the world. I was eager to shine my light while fearing the rejection of being too much.

Creating the safety to live my life to the fullest from the skill of having my own back mentally, physically, and emotionally changed everything for me.

This skill will change your life too.

Meet Saren Eads

Refreshing ray of sunshine!

This FREE workshop will change your life.

This workshop teaches you how to connect the dots to make your dreams a reality by using your biggest asset (YOUR BRAIN). No more just wishful thinking. You will learn how to bridge the gap to create richness in your life. Your dreamiest life starts in your brain.

Get access to my ‘Live Your Fairytale Life’ workshop here!

 clients thoughts


I used to try to conform and people please a lot because I wanted to feel good inside. Saren has helped me shift the way I see myself which helps me feel good inside AND help people. I have found it is easier for me to do everything I want to do when I remember being myself is the most important thing to me! Saren has consistently shown me how who I want to be and who I really am IS the most powerful tool and asset that I have! When I am myself, I am more fun, genuine, thoughtful, honest, inquisitive, clear, and overall happy!!! Saren has done an amazing job at being attentive, responsive, and overdelivering!! I already feel like I am getting MORE than what I expect!!! She's the best!!!"

"One of the intangible results I have created is a love for myself.

 Annabelle with Annablee Sorensen Coaching

If you'd have told me two years ago I'd be where I am now, I'd NEVER have believed you. First and foremost--I am living my dream life internally. I am confident in who I am, my mental health is truly heathy for the first time in my life."

"Saren creates such a safe space to be seen, heard, and coached.

Riley with Olive n Sun Co.
 and Riley Baxter Coaching.

open my eyes to what was possible, stick with it when things felt hard, have my back through it all, and come out the other side stronger and happier. I got a job promotion, quit my desk job to pursue a career that aligns with my personal goals, lived abroad for 3 months, visited 4 countries in the past 10 months, and increased my income by almost 50% without increasing my hours!

I now believe that I can live big and not hold myself back. I can do whatever I set my mind to, but that I can also enjoy and have fun along the way."

"Coaching helped me believe in myself more,


and patterns around believing busy-ness and people pleasing create my worthiness for getting paid, but that’s just not true at all.
I now give myself more time and space. AND believe that I can do that AND still make more money. I can take time off AND create the money and lifestyle I want to live- which very much includes taking time off frequently!

I signed my first 5 figure client! And have more clients now than I’ve had in two years. It’s been so powerful to give myself the gift of believing in myself rather than relying on my circumstances to convince me that I’m good enough."

"Saren has coached me through so many sticky thoughts...

Reagan with Healing Through Holism

Saren’s ability to hold space for you in the most inviting and loving way whilst also asking insightful and curious questions which allowed me to understand myself like I never have before. I truly believe for the first time ever that I can do anything I set my mind to. I did not realize that I have control over my thoughts and not the other way around. I have become a lot more intentional about my thoughts which has had a HUGE impact on my mental health, my marriage and my life in general."

"Working with Saren is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.


see ways my brain worked that I didn't even know! Working with Saren, I had my best year in business while having the least amount of panic attacks ever. I've replaced a lot of negative thought patterns that do not serve me. I am now celebrating growth in all aspect of life!"

Sunnie With Sunnie Heers Photography

"Saren is compassionate, motivating, and helped me...

It’s time to prioritize you, let’s start today. 

  • Quiet your inner critic and create the mental space to live fully
  • Create a life you love waking up to
  • Freedom to be your most vibrant self
  • Decide what lights you up and unleash your full potential
  • Becoming the person that everything works out for

Are you ready to step into your most vibrant, authentic self?

It’s time to:

your reality.

Make your dreams

Your fairytale life is waiting for you.

You deserve the fairytale life you’ve been dreaming of.