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Our most commonly asked questions

Emotional wealth is the currency for how you experience your life. Do you feel rich, fulfilled, abundant, and like you soak up the experiences you have in life? Emotional wealth also covers the ability to feel, hold-space for, and process any and all uncomfortable emotion. If you are experiencing emotional poverty, your life may be feeling scarce, fear led, and lack-focused. Emotional wealth refers to the abundance and success that is experienced in the mental and emotional human experience. It is the foundation of sustainable time and financial wealth.

They are a call to kickstart your transformation. A consult is an hour long chat to explore how to make your dream actually happen. We take it from you mind and make a plan to make it happen. Here is what it looks like: Step 1: use the consultation link to book a time on your calendar to chat with me. Step 2: We jump right in and chat about why you want to work with me, and what are your main goals? Step 3: We look at where you are currently in this area and where you want to be in 6-12 months. Step 4: Based off of your intake, I show you how we would solve for creating your dream. Step 5: You get to visualize your end goal and build belief in yourself. This is where we witness how truly capable you are. Step 6: You decide if you want to hire me to implement the process for the next 6 months to help you cross the finish line and become who you want to be. Step 7: We celebrate your decision together! You make a decision that you love your reasons for. Step 8: I set you up with next steps. Click on the consultation link to book your consultation now!

WELCOME TO MY SPACE! I am so happy you are here. The first goal is to help you get a transformation right from the start. To ensure that this is a good fit for you, click the consultation link to book a consultation with me. See the consultation FAQ for more details on what that looks like. From there we can get you set up to work together.

The similarities between therapy and the coaching I do is they are both brain-based work. Life coaching is present and future focused. We look at what you are currently thinking and feeling and transition to your ideal thinking and feeling to accomplish the desired future result. Therapy is designed to take a deep-dive into a past-focused analysis to understand present thoughts and feelings. Life coaching doesn’t evaluate or diagnose anything mental health related. Life coaching is typically working towards a goal.

My 1-1 coaching is a 6-12 month deepdive into your thoughts, emotions, and lifestyle shifts towards your dream goal. We meet privately in a 1-1 setting on zoom. This is for those wanting a deep dive and individual attention. In my group program, we kick-off with a live, in-person luxurious retreat based on upleveling your self-concept, belief systems, and connection. It is a high level room of creation. After the kick-off retreat, we will meet weekly for an hour on zoom in a group format to integrate and apply the breakthroughs and takeaways. As a member you get to participate in hot seat coaching and watch your peers get coached. This is for those wanting to take their life to the next level through luxurious experiences, connection, and specific coaching towards creation

Client Thoughts

"Coaching helped me believe in myself more,

open my eyes to what was possible, stick with it when things felt hard, have my back through it all, and come out the other side stronger and happier. I got a job promotion, quit my desk job to pursue a career that aligns with my personal goals, lived abroad for 3 months, visited 4 countries in the past 10 months, and increased my income by almost 50% without increasing my hours!

I now believe that I can live big and not hold myself back. I can do whatever I set my mind to, but that I can also enjoy and have fun along the way."


Client Thoughts

"Saren has coached me through so many sticky thoughts...

and patterns around believing busy-ness and people pleasing create my worthiness for getting paid, but that’s just not true at all.

I now give myself more time and space. AND believe that I can do that AND still make more money. I can take time off AND create the money and lifestyle I want to live- which very much includes taking time off frequently!

I signed my first 5 figure client! And have more clients now than I’ve had in two years. It’s been so powerful to give myself the gift of believing in myself rather than relying on my circumstances to convince me that I’m good enough."


Client Thoughts

"Working with Saren is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Saren’s ability to hold space for you in the most inviting and loving way whilst also asking insightful and curious questions which allowed me to understand myself like I never have before. I truly believe for the first time ever that I can do anything I set my mind to. I did not realize that I have control over my thoughts and not the other way around. I have become a lot more intentional about my thoughts which has had a HUGE impact on my mental health, my marriage and my life in general."


Client Thoughts

"Saren is compassionate, motivating, and helped me...

see ways my brain worked that I didn't even know! Working with Saren, I had my best year in business while having the least amount of panic attacks ever. I've replaced a lot of negative thought patterns that do not serve me. I am now celebrating growth in all aspect of life!"


Client Thoughts

"One of the intangible results I have created is a love for myself.

I used to try to conform and people please a lot because I wanted to feel good inside. Saren has helped me shift the way I see myself which helps me feel good inside AND help people. I have found it is easier for me to do everything I want to do when I remember being myself is the most important thing to me! Saren has consistently shown me how who I want to be and who I really am IS the most powerful tool and asset that I have! When I am myself, I am more fun, genuine, thoughtful, honest, inquisitive, clear, and overall happy!!! Saren has done an amazing job at being attentive, responsive, and overdelivering!! I already feel like I am getting MORE than what I expect!!! She's the best!!!"


Client Thoughts

"Saren creates such a safe space to be seen, heard, and coached.

If you'd have told me two years ago I'd be where I am now, I'd NEVER have believed you. First and foremost--I am living my dream life internally. I am confident in who I am, my mental health is truly heathy for the first time in my life."



Your fairytale life is waiting for you.


When women radiate their light unapologetically, the world becomes a better place. I am here to help you shine, be full of yourself and others, and truly sparkle in your life and businesses. You were born for it!


It is such a pleasure to watch you radiate your unique light. Welcome to where women are celebrated all across the globe for fearlessly being themselves and building a movement!